late January resolutions

make resolutions every day

break these resolutions every day if that means finding ones that suit you better

stop pretending to enjoy things you don’t

stop pretending to dislike things that you don’t

plan social events with friends, go for walks instead of coffee, that sort of thing

but have coffee if that’s what you want

stop thinking that everything is a binary, that you can only have one thing, because saying yes to one thing doesn’t always mean saying no to another

keep your eyes peeled for validation in a stranger’s smile

don’t let your excitement be taken with the roll of people’s eyes

stop taking everything so seriously. even though you may think so, relying on life to “fall into place” is not as reckless as you make it out to be

carry on blurring the lines between platonic and romantic relationships

i’m not sure how, but try and make peace with your illness

write like nobody will read it


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